Thursday, August 21, 2014

Julep Flower Nail Art w. DIY Nail Decals !

 August 20th, 2014 
Julep Flower Nail Art using DIY Nail Decals!
Read below for more on how to create your own !

Haay ladieees ! I'm back again with a pretty cool technique today!
I was inspired by Julep's Flower Logo & used the polishes I received in my Bombshell Maven Box this month! 
To do the logo was a little tricky for me.. 
I knew I would not be able to free hand it nor free hand cutting it out from the decal so I drew it out on a piece of paper and once satisfied I used it as a tracer onto the decal to make it a lot easier to cut out.. Once I did that I drew the lines to make it look more like a flower & this is the end result !
Hope you all like it !! 

Polishes used ;
Julep - Neha
Julep - Tazeen 

So for the DIY Nail Decals all you need is ;
Your polish of choice 
Ziploc baggies
& a Top Coat

1. Place your ziploc baggie flat out on a table and begin painting squares with your polish of choice. How many squares you paint all depends on how many decals you'll make or how much mistakes you'll make haha.
2. Let the polish sit and dry for about 2 hours.
3. Take your tweezers & gently peel off the square. 
( you should notice the bottom is sticky like a sticker )
4. Take your scissors & begin cutting out your design.
5. Once satisfied with your design place over your finger of choice & seal with a top coat !