Friday, October 30, 2015

My First Swatcher Package: 32FlavorsNailCandy

Haaaya babes!

I'm here today to show you all my very first ever Swatcher package from @ 32FlavorsNailCandy!
She was so kind and I'm greatly honoured to be chosen by her to swatch these beauty's of hers!
Ouuu I can't wait to get started stay tuned every one !!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Triangle Nail Art


Monday, October 12, 2015

Silver Caviar Bead Nail Art

Pumpkin Nail Art

Hay beaaauts! I'm back again with another easy nail art design for ya!
But this one is for thanksgiving day! 

Simple and easy Pumpkin Accent Nail Art Design !
Choose any white, orange, brown & green of your choice.
Start by painting your ring nail two coats of your white polish. While drying paint your other nails with your orange polish choice and let dry. Once your ring nail is dry start by out lining the pumpkin at the top as if your about to make a heart. Paint in the rest. Take a nail art striping brush and your green and make a leaf of string of vine, then using the brown you can start making your stem! Finish it off with your favourite top coat and your done! Simple & Easy Pumpkin Nail Art!

Fall Leaf Nail Art

Hi my lovelies! How have you all been?!
So sorry for my absense lately everyone! Been busy the past weeks, going on multiple interviews each week and sometimes more than one a day, and still no calls back. I didn't realize how hard it is to get a freaking simple job in retail! But anyways I've still been doing my nails and also came up with my own little business that I'll be posting about shortly! 

For now let's talk about Fall Nail Art !

First I have for you, a Gold & Red Glitter Gradient over to of China Glaze - Heaven
And on my ring nail - my preferred accent nail, I made a somewhat looking leaf haha that definitely need some work, but you get the idea! 

Next is a Grey Leaves Mani since the cold days are coming along quickly and making our days grey.

Friday, September 4, 2015

OPI Nail Apps - Geometric Sparkle

Another one of my latest Nails of the Days - which I obviously didn't post once again - as to why I'm posting so much all at once right now

I picked up a few of these OPI Nail Apps I found at Dollorama for $2 each! 
Man I really didn't expect to love them as much as I did // do! 

Ive tried other 'Drug Store Brand' Nail Apps before but so I honestly didn't think they would be that hard to file down! But these WOW & it actually files off! 
Unlike all file out but other ones I've tried just push the leftover 
Absolutely No Bumps on Nail Bed - Completely smooth !
And you don need add a topcoat!! 

End of Summer Leopard Print Nail Art

Today's Nail of the Day is another #inspiredmani by IG ; @naildesignroom 
Super easy and fun to do ! Especially using these colours which I would have never thought to do on my own! The perfect way to End the Summer is with a Manicure ! I've got a lot of more posting to poet caught up on so I'll keep this short since leopard print is a pretty self explanatory 

Polishes Used ; 
Zoya - Daisy && Coraline 
Along with Essie - Liquorice
Wet'n'Wild - Clear Top Coat  

                            -- Original Inspiration Photo --

Reverse Frech Mani

Monday, August 24, 2015

Houndstooth Nail Art Design

Hi beaauts! I'm back today with another nail art design that I've never done before so I was super excited to finally try it out! Today's Nail of the Day is a HoundsTooth Nail Art Design using @NailStencils - HoundsTooth Stencil Vinyl Guides! 

This manicure was very simple to do I hope it's pretty self explanatory but for those who need a little help on my ring nail, I painted two coats of Orly - Cake Pop and let dry with the help of a fast drying top coat. Then placed down my Nail Mail HoundsTooth Stencil Vinyl Guide and painted over top with Polish my Life's - Merlot Magic. I peeled of the stencil Immediately - to avoid polish lifting off with the vinyl once dried, and added another top coat to finish it off. 

On all my other nails I used Polish my Life's - My Red Room from Shaneka's Fifty Shades of Grey Polish Duo Collection. I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for another great mani up shortly !

Happy Polishing 

Staggered Chevrons Nail Art Design

Hay babes! So sorry I haven't been around lately !
I've been soo caught up in my giveaway that ended on the 1st and just kept forgetting to post! 
Gaaah I hate it when I do that!
Anyways today's NOTD was inspired by IG ; @SprinkleNails - original photo at the end of post!

       Original Photo - taken on iPad - (sorry for shit quality)

Polishes Used ;
O.P.I - Miami Beet 
Sally Hansen - Wedding Glitters 
Wet'n'Wild - Clear Top Coat 
@GlammyMani - Staggered Chevron Nail Vinyl Guides  

                      Original Swach Photo - taken on IPad - (sorry for shit quality)

                      Original Inspired Photo - Credit - IG - @SprinkleNails 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

⚡️ Summer Lightning Nights ⚡️

Haaay beaaauts! 
Tonight I've something new for you all to see / try & for myself aswell! I've been meaning to try this nail art design but just never got around to doing it. That's until I finally got some Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls from Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls and figured why not give it a shot!?

All you need is 2 polishes of your choice. I used Avon NailWear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Hottie & Sheer Lilac. I am so sorry about the dark and really bad picture on the babies, I currently do not own a phone at the moment so my iPad is all I have. Man sometimes I hated my iPhone 6 pics but the comparison to my iPad is sorta ridiculous don't cha agree!? But until I get a new phone it'll have to do ..
Okay back to what you'll need, along with he two polishes of your choice some Lightning Bolt Vinyls would really help, especially if you suck at free handing like myself. But feel free to freehand them aswell! 

Start off by choosing your base polish - I used Avon - Sheer Lilac and let dry completely, or use a top coat to speed up the process. Once completely dry, place down your vinyls in whichever direction you'd like and paint overtop of them one by one with your second polish of choice, mine being - Avon - Hottie and peel off the vinyl immediately for best results. Wait for the polishes to dry by themselves to avoid smudging when applying your top coat. 

                          Original Photo Taken on IPad ( sorry for shitty quality )

               Original Photo - IG Edited - Instagram Edited 

Hope you all enjoyed!
Happy Polishing ! xx

Monday, August 17, 2015

Morrocan Nail Art Design

Hi baabes! I'm back today with another very simple but super cute && 
easy to do nail art design!

To get today's look you will need :
1 Moroccan Nail Art Vinyl Stencil, 3 Nail Lacquers of your choice & a dotting tool. 
I used 1 LouItYourself Nail Vinyl Morrocan Stencil that I cut in half to fit both nails. 
Polish My Life - One Shade Of Grey ; Orly - Cake Pop ; Sally Hansen - Celeb City 
& my OPI 2 in 1 Nail Art Striping Brush & Dotting Tool 

Start by painting two coats of each polish in which ever order you like. On your Index and Pinky nails place the Morrocan Stencil and paint over top with your polish of choice. Remove immediately and let dry. In the mean time, take your dotting tool and dot some dots. I had originally wanted to just to two one above the other in the middle of my ring nail but I screwed up the second dot and didn't want to redo that nail so I just went with it and made more dots going in that screwed up direction and sorta liked the outcome. Once dry finish it off with your favourite top coat!

            Original Photo taken on IPad ( sorry for shitty quality )

                                      Original Photo - IG Edited - Instagram Edited 

Happy Polishing 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Keepin' it Neutral Dotticure Nail Art Design

Hay my awesome nail friends!
I've been away as usual but this time I've been busy organizing my giveaway currently going on right now as you read this on my Instagram - @lacquerbaby - to see how you can enter & don't forgot to read the next post all about it! It even includes my prize reveals that are still happening ! #LacquerBabys1000 on IG to Enter!

Now onto today's Nail of the Day!
I decided to keep it neautral because let's be honest ladies.. I've been using way to many pinks and purples lately, I don't usually play around with other / deeper colours cause it's not really my thing, I'm all things bright kinda girl. So this was sorta new for me but I really enjoyed doing it and really loved the whole thing once complete ! Which I didn't think I would. So yay for proving myself wrong ;p 

To get today's Nail Art Design of the day you will need : Two neautral coloured greens, -one darker than the other- one brown polish, one white polish, & a dotting tool of your choice. 

Start by painting the base colour of your nails the lighter green -that you choose. 
I used 2 light coats of Polish My Life - 1950s Mint Fridge and let dry.
Once dry take your dotting tool & white nail polish & start By dotting four dots around each other to sort of create a flower shape on every nail. With your darker green dot all around the white dot either in a semi or full circle. I used Sally Hansen - White On & Polish My Life - Retro Green Scene. Then I repeated the same steps again with my white polish and used Sally Hansen - Branch Out - my brown polish - for the next set of dots, Repeat steps as many times as needed to fill nail. Finish it all off by dotting a single brown dot in the middle of the first set of white dots. Top it off with your favourite top coat and you've got this super cute dotticure ! 

This nail art was inspired by ❤️❤️

Hope you all enjoyed & Happy Polishing <333 

- xoxo -

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School Chalkboard Nail Art Design

Hay beaauts so I know it's a bit early for 
- back to school- still right!? But really when ya think about it.. theirs only 1 more month till it begins and we all know how quick that's going to go by.

So I figured why not do a simple yet super cute && reaaaly easy to do chalkboard art. 

To do this BacktoSchool Chalkboard Flowers Nail Art Design you will need ;
1 dark polish - your choice 
1 light polish - your choice 
1 stamping plate of your choice 
& a Matte Top Coat ( to get the chalkboardy look )

The polishes i used were:
Essie : Go Overboard for my darker shade && PolishMyLife ; Strawberry Whip & Chill for the lighter stamped nail art. 

I used BornPrettyStore's Stamping Plate QA65 . The design i used is the more 'doodley' flower design on the top let corner of the picture you see above.
Once everything was dry. I used my O.P.I Matte Top Coat to get the 'chalkboard effect' 

I hope every enjoyed todays super fun & easy to do ' BacktoSchool Chalkboard Flowers Nail Design ' that everyone at your child's shool will just love & adore!

Happy Polishing 💕💕

PicturePolish - Paris & Cherish ZigZag Nail Art

Essence ; Break Through -- Swatch

Hello babes. Now where to begin with this colour & brand !!! I've always seen it it drug stores but it always looked sort of cheap to me and 'would be a waste of money' so I never bought any.

In our last #averycanuckswap my girl @purplelicious_lavander sent this to me in my swap box! I'll admit I was a bit nervous to try.

But I have to admit. 

Essence; you may be my new favourite polish brand :O 

Break Through, is such a beautiful purple.
Not only is it my favourite colour.. But the BEST purple polish I now own!!

The application is super smooth can a good brush that avoids your cuties (the way the brush is angled at the bottom)
Drying time without and with a top coat is extremely acceptable you'll have no problem with this drying time ladies 
- no lies -

Anyways hope you enjoyed! I know i sure did! Watch out Shoppers Drug Mart
 - Essence Polish - will soon be sold out because of me 😘😘

Happy polishing ladies 

Friday, July 24, 2015

@lacquerbaby 's Instagram Giveaway #LacquerBabys1000

Hi my baaabes! Are you all ready for another epic giveaway of mine !? This one Is to celebrate my 1000+ Amazinng Followers on Instagram!! Which I've only had for about a year now 🙊🙊😁😁

So this is my way of giving you all a big thanks for all your love and support throughout my nail art journey's 

Their will be 5+ prizes && winners who have a chance of winner out of 8+ sponsors including myself 😍

Above is 
Winner will receive ; A pack of assorted nail art stencils & vinyls donated from the amazing Sponsor @glammymani on IG go follow her && @lacquerbaby to see how you can enter & win

Prize Reveal #2 - CANADA ONLY - 
Sponsored by @Mynailsdid && @Canaildian_girl on Instagram!! Winner will receive a package of Nail Vinyls from & the Peanut Butter Jelly Time Cuticle Care Set that inclds. 2 Milk & Honey Mani Bath Bombs, 1 Grape Jelly Cuticle Oil Pen, & 1 Peanut Butter Barrier Butter! 
Winner will revived an amazing pack of Nail-Mail's Nail Vinyls ! &&&& an amazing $8 GifrtCard to ForeverPolished ! Go follow @nailstencils @foreverpolished && @lacquerbaby to see how you can win prize pack number three !!!!

Prize Reveal #4 - U.S. ONLY -
Winner will contact & receive a full sized (15ml) bottle of indie maker ; Dainty Digits Polish 
famous #HOLOGRAPHIC #NEPTUNESWONDERLAND polish! From her most recent collection! Go follow @_daintydigitspolish & @lacquerbaby to see how you can enter & win this amazing polish!

Winner will receive a wall or nail decal of their choice from @ochouseofdecals and a packet of Nail Vinyls & Stencils from @nailstencils owner of 

Prize Reveal #6 - U.S. ONLY -
Winner will contact & receive a full sized (15ml) bottle of @Candiipgh Paint Shop Polish of their choice! Go see @lacquerbaby on how you can win this prize !

2 winners will each receive a Gift Card to SassyPolish for 2 full sized Custom Created Nail Lacquers with FREE SHIPPING ! How amazing is that and how awesome is @sassy_polish_scrubs for donating this amazing prize for not one but two lucky winners! Go enter now on Instagram on @lacquerbaby 

Want a way to get more entries in to my giveaway so your chances of winning amazing prizes are higher !? All you have to do is re create any of my manis as many times as you'd like! Just make sure your holding a piece of paper in your photo with my giveaway #lacquerbabys1000 on it so I know it's new & also make sure you put my giveaway hashtag in the caption of your post as well so I can see it and count in your entry! Make sure you post the original giveaway photo before any recreations ! 

Giveaway Ends ; August 31, 2015 
@ - 11:59pm Est


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Holo Diamonds Nail Art featuring GlammyMani Nail Art Vinyls/ Stencils

Hay babes , 

  I'm back again & boy oh boy do I have
   something special to show yall here. 
 This manicure features 2 of 3 holos that
   I currently own. See how I currently !? 

 Ugh. Is all I have to say now.. I want so
 many different holos -their just so pretty! Unfortunately I lost my job. so not making 
 any income whatsoever at the moment. Which has put my polish hauls to an end for a while , but I just seriously can't stop looking though everything everyday... 

  Everyday I'm adding products into my
   carts as I would do when I did have
 money and I Have multiple different sites
     to purchase from but I have no 
           money to pay for them. 

  So Id be letting those sites sit open in       
 my tabs to see how long I could keep it
there && eventually had to improvise and
just use the holos that I do currently own. 

         Colores de Carol ; White Opal
           featured polish in flashshot*

      Don't get me wrong now please!
These holographic polishes are by far just    
 absolutely amazing! So I decided I'd go
 with my 2  holographic polishes from an 
 Indie brand nail polish maker - were also  
  I believe it was the first indies I have  
 ever purchased and I'm so happy they
     were holos! Because now when I 
         want to buy more .. I can't. 

Polishes used  ;
               Colores de Carol in; 
           White Opal & Amethyst
          -- Holographic Polishes --

&& some  ; 
               GlamMyMani Diamond 
                Nail Art stencil/ vinysl!

Happy polishing ! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Golden Orchids Leopard Print Nail Art

Haaay baabes <333

Just some easy fun nail art for yall today! 
It's leopard print design which is super easy to do! All you need is ;

1 sparkling coloured polish of 
your choice that will go with any gold polish of your choice ; I used 
Finger Paints ; Paint the Town Purple 

For the leopard print designs; I did the spots first to help create the print and makes it a lot easier to outline with;
Sally Hansen ; Wedding Glitters 
& now for the black lining to finish the leopard print design I used ;
Sally Hansen ; Blackout 

Top it off with your favourite top coat & love it girls! 

Happy Polishing 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Caviar Nail Beads ; Nail Art

Hay beaauts
I'm back with something I have never done before - before I was never really a fan - but I actually sort of like them! 

The different designs you can achieve with caviar beads just amazes me and the look is so out there and different ! 


Happy Polishing !

Pastel Triangle Nail Art

Hay my gorgeouus readers!
Needless to say, as you all ; already know.. I've been falling behind once again! Ugh! Life has just really hit me right now ladies and I'm going through a lot right now with work & personal life. 

This is a Inspired Manicure I have for you all today which was inspired by @nailsartarabia as you will see her original design/ picture in the collage I made below! She was so nice enough to allow me to do twinsieee nails with her c:

Now onto how I did today's inspired nail art design on my middle finger nails..

Using any 4 colours of your choice and a striping brush make four triangles in each colour into your nail as you see I've done above.. Now you might be thinking just like that!? What if it's messy !?
Well ladies, that's what the silver is for! It'll cover your lines connecting each triangle and make it look faaab !!

Check out this collage I made on PicLab 

Happy Polising !

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chevron Nail Art

Freehand Tribal / Aztec Nail Art

Hay beaaauts!

So today I've got something very new for yall .. Not something I'm used to doing nor do I think I've ever done something like this but I really liked it! 

Colours used ;
O.P.I ; Plant One on Me
Polish My Life ; Nude Lace 
Sally Hansen ; Black Out   
For the Middle Finger design I used a @GlamMyMani Aztec Cheveon nail vinyl's for the Tip & Middle 
The rest is Free Handed 

Happy Polishing !!