Thursday, July 16, 2015

Holo Diamonds Nail Art featuring GlammyMani Nail Art Vinyls/ Stencils

Hay babes , 

  I'm back again & boy oh boy do I have
   something special to show yall here. 
 This manicure features 2 of 3 holos that
   I currently own. See how I currently !? 

 Ugh. Is all I have to say now.. I want so
 many different holos -their just so pretty! Unfortunately I lost my job. so not making 
 any income whatsoever at the moment. Which has put my polish hauls to an end for a while , but I just seriously can't stop looking though everything everyday... 

  Everyday I'm adding products into my
   carts as I would do when I did have
 money and I Have multiple different sites
     to purchase from but I have no 
           money to pay for them. 

  So Id be letting those sites sit open in       
 my tabs to see how long I could keep it
there && eventually had to improvise and
just use the holos that I do currently own. 

         Colores de Carol ; White Opal
           featured polish in flashshot*

      Don't get me wrong now please!
These holographic polishes are by far just    
 absolutely amazing! So I decided I'd go
 with my 2  holographic polishes from an 
 Indie brand nail polish maker - were also  
  I believe it was the first indies I have  
 ever purchased and I'm so happy they
     were holos! Because now when I 
         want to buy more .. I can't. 

Polishes used  ;
               Colores de Carol in; 
           White Opal & Amethyst
          -- Holographic Polishes --

&& some  ; 
               GlamMyMani Diamond 
                Nail Art stencil/ vinysl!

Happy polishing !