Friday, January 30, 2015

You're my 'Stairway to Heaven'

Haay beaaauts ! 

So .. Friday  morning I received some nail mail from indie maker / brand @DripDropNailPaint is her IG handle.. 
This was my first buy from this brand and boy am I impressed!! Usually I don't like the creams with the glitter as you see in 'Stairway to Heaven' but for some strange reason I just feel in love with this one! And the application is awesome! I thought I was going to need at least a few more than two coats for not only that polish but that type. Buuuut just 2 coats & it looks beaautiful!! And for Princess Jess .. I'm so sad I couldn't capture the gold flakes in the pink. It's beautiful when shining in the sun but my camera just wouldn't capture it :( 
Oh well ! 

New Valentine's Day mani coming up next ! 

Happy polishing! 😘❤️💅

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Leopard Print & Lines Nail Design

Hi baabes ! 
I'm back today with an inspired manicure by @allnailseverything I just loved her original design! Unfortunately I kinda messed it up a bit by adding the white dots into the leopard print at the end thinking it would look cute and add more of an effect to the leopard print nails.. 
I shoulda just left them. Definitely Not how I pictured it in my head ... 
The picture you see above was me taking a coffee break since it was like 10am when I did these! Haha canadians gotta lovee their timmies coffee ! 

I used 2 coats of for the base colours Deborah Lippmann ; 
& Essie ; Blanc 
Once dry using BornPrettyStore Stamping Plate QA8 & BornPrettyStore Black stamping polish on the red nails then on the white nails using 
China Glaze - Liquid Leather & striping tape I created the two lines & took b again and made a thinner red line in between both bath lines. 
I hope you all enjoyed! 

Happy Polishing 😘❤️💅


This is the lovely ORIGINAL PHOTO that I was inspired by. Thaaank you @AllNailsEverything for thus beautiful mani I was inspired by .. And it's not the only one. Your definitely going to see more of her manis recreated by me so stay tuned !!

Photo Credit : IG @AllNailsEverything 
Facebook: All Nails Everything 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black & White Matte Nail Art

Hi loveliees !! 

I'm back again today with a simple matte nail art design that was very easy & quick to do! It will suit pretty much any colour you choose to do it with.. but obviously I chose black & white seeing as it just suited my 'quick mani' best. I don't usually keep my designs on for probably more than two days && I think these are coming off shortly after this post .. 😝😝

Alrighty .. so I started out first by painting my middle & ring nails two coats of
Sally Hansen ; White On 
So that once the second coat of black was applied to the other nails I could jump straight to the dots & lines designs.
After the first coat of Sally Hansen I started painting the others nails 
Polish my Life ; Merlot Magic 

Then using my OPI dotting tool & brush,
I took Merlot Magic & made 3 lines down my middle nail. Then I added small and medium sized dots onto my thumb and ring nails. 

I ended up waiting for about 30 minutes to let them COMPLETLEY DRY before applying my O.P.I Matte Top Coat .. because we all know black smudges sooo easily into white polish 

annnnd ..  I still got a few streaks after waiting that long !! Ohh wellll hahaha 

Hope you all enjoyed ! 
Happy Polishing 💅❤️😘


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Duo ; Polish my Life

Hi beaaauties !! 
Forgot to post this yesterday so I 'm here today before doing another post with a duo swatch of 

Polish my Life ; Fifty Shades of Grey   Duo / Collection 

On my thumb, index & pinky nails are 
Polish my Life ; My red room 
I used two coats each nail for this colour.

&& on my middle & ring nails are 
Polish my Life ; One Shade of Grey 
As well as the first shade I used two coats each nail. Once dryed i applied Seche Vite for my top coat!

It was a quick post I know but hope you all enjoyed !

Happy Polishing 💅❤️😘

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentine's Day Heart Dotticure

Heey loveelies! 

Yes your read the title correctly. Valentine's Day is quickly approaching & we're seeing adds every where we go & every time we turn our heads! So I figured why not do a pre-valentine's day mani! 

For this design here I was inspired by a photo I found on Google Images. Unfortunately the original creator didn't watermark her photo so I cannot give her the proper credit id like too. 

I started out by painting my ring finger two coats of, Sally Hansen ; White Out.
Then painted the rest of my nails, 
Sally Hansen ; Cherry Red.
Once the white was dry I took a toothpick to create the heart. Why a tooth pick? Because I find it the easiest way to create hearts on your nails.. the pick just has something about it I find that makes it easier to create the curves rather than using a nail art brush...
Then using my O.P.I Dotting tool I dotted 
Polish My Life ; Merlot Magic around the heart and all over the white nail. 
I waited about 10 minutes to avoid smudging  and make sure they were completely dry. Then used my favorite fast drying top coat Seche Vite!

I hope you all enjoyed !

Happy Polishing !!  😘❤️💅 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Share & Win !

Share & Win! 
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Leopard Print , Stripes & Glitter Mani!

Haay dolls! 
Back today with sort of an unsual nail art for me..  I'm not used to / patient enough in doing multiple things in one manicure. I find that it makes a lot of nail arts look "crowded" but I am just starting to get used to them meaning I'm starting to like them ;)

For this manicure I used 2 coats of 
Zoya ; Paige           then took 
Essie ; Set In Stones & made a gradient glitter on my thumb, middle & pinky nails. 
Then using a BornPrettyStore Stamping Plate M-81 & China Glaze ; Liquid Leather polish, I stamped the leopard print & stripes design on my index & ring nails. Once dry as usual I topped it off with my favorite fast drying top coat and there you have it !

Leopard Print , Stripes & Glitter Mani !

I Hope you all enjoyed ! I can't wait to share my next design with you! 

.... &&& I kinda went off yesterday & did a big haul online.. Well for me it was big anyways haha I placed 6 orders on the same day on some beaautiful indies 😁😁  I can't wait for these babies to arrive  & also got a few goodies for my upcoming Instagram Giveaway ! Oopsss did I write that aloud !? Haha keep checking my IG for hints on when it begins & so you don't miss it !! 

Happy Polishing ❤️😘💅

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pink & Nude Triangle Nail Art

Hi dolls ! Back again with another inspired mani! This one was inspried by @karengnails on Instagram! I absolutely just fell in love with her design I just HAD to do it for myself ! It's just so simple yet so beaautiful! 

Anywaaaays ... 
I stared out with two coats of 
Deborah Lippmanns ; Marine 
Once that was dry, I used BornPrettyStore black striping tape to create the triangle shape on every nail then painted in the triangles with
Polish My Life ; Nude Lace 
Once that was dry I took my tweezers and peeled off the pieces of striping tape.
(I like to let these designs dry for at least 5 minutes before applying a top coat just to avoid any smudging that may occur.)   
And voila ! Haha

I hope you all enjoyed my inspired mani by @karengnails! Go check out her Instagram profile to see her original design!

Happy Polishing 😘💅😘 !

Monday, January 12, 2015

Negative Space Nail Art

Hi loveeees !! 
So I decided to take a bit more time with this next manicure because I haven't really been doing nail art like when I frist began .. So I decided to try something I have never done before which is Negative Space ! I saw so many awesome designs in Google Images, but I was crazy inspired by the Nail Luxxe pink negative space nail art. I will leave a link at the bottom so you can check out her original photo that I was inspired by!

To do this mani was pretty easy, 
I placed the striping tape as I did in the picture you see above.. 
( but I used all black tape for that part ) .. then I started painting 3 thin coats of
Colores de Carols ; White Opal 
Once the polish was dry I peeled off all the striping tape patted down any lifted edges, then re-applied the striping tape but this time in black & silver then applied my favorie top coat.

Hope you all enjoyed this negative space nail art post ! 

Happy Polishing !! 😘❤️💅

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sparkle Dotticure

Hi lovees! Just a simple mani here for ya today.. Been going through some personal issues so I haven't had much time nor the motivation to do my nails 😔

But I managed to get these done, it's not much but I do like the turnout of them.. I thought it was gunna be another .. 'looked better in my head' .. type of thing but yaay it wasn't !! 

I used two coats of 
China Glaze ; At Vase Value
Two coats for my ring finger with 
Polish My Life ; Nude Lace 
One thin coat of 'Nude Lace' on my middle finger then went over it with two thin coats of Essie ; Set in Stones.. 
& for the dots on my ring finger I used 
Julep ; Ilsa , using my O.P.I dotting tool !

Hope you all enjoyed!

Happy Polishing ❤️😘💅

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Sparkle

 Hiii dolls ! So sorrry for such a late post ! I can't believe I forgot to post this on New Years! Well anyways as you can see I kept it simple for my New Years mani , and brought in the new year with a little SPARKLE! 

This gorgeouus sparkle/glitter polish is called Bling! by Colores de Carol. And indie nail polish brand that I'm becoming obsessed with! Waiting for that next pay check to order a few more of her to dye for polishes ! 

* I used 3 very thin coats * 

& of course I had to get a blur capture because we'll do I really need to explain!? Just looook at all the lovely colours popping out on these nails thanks to this blur photo!! Hope you all enjoyed! 
Once again sorry for the late post! 

Happy Polishing ! ❤️😘💅