Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black & White Matte Nail Art

Hi loveliees !! 

I'm back again today with a simple matte nail art design that was very easy & quick to do! It will suit pretty much any colour you choose to do it with.. but obviously I chose black & white seeing as it just suited my 'quick mani' best. I don't usually keep my designs on for probably more than two days && I think these are coming off shortly after this post .. 😝😝

Alrighty .. so I started out first by painting my middle & ring nails two coats of
Sally Hansen ; White On 
So that once the second coat of black was applied to the other nails I could jump straight to the dots & lines designs.
After the first coat of Sally Hansen I started painting the others nails 
Polish my Life ; Merlot Magic 

Then using my OPI dotting tool & brush,
I took Merlot Magic & made 3 lines down my middle nail. Then I added small and medium sized dots onto my thumb and ring nails. 

I ended up waiting for about 30 minutes to let them COMPLETLEY DRY before applying my O.P.I Matte Top Coat .. because we all know black smudges sooo easily into white polish 

annnnd ..  I still got a few streaks after waiting that long !! Ohh wellll hahaha 

Hope you all enjoyed ! 
Happy Polishing 💅❤️😘