Monday, January 12, 2015

Negative Space Nail Art

Hi loveeees !! 
So I decided to take a bit more time with this next manicure because I haven't really been doing nail art like when I frist began .. So I decided to try something I have never done before which is Negative Space ! I saw so many awesome designs in Google Images, but I was crazy inspired by the Nail Luxxe pink negative space nail art. I will leave a link at the bottom so you can check out her original photo that I was inspired by!

To do this mani was pretty easy, 
I placed the striping tape as I did in the picture you see above.. 
( but I used all black tape for that part ) .. then I started painting 3 thin coats of
Colores de Carols ; White Opal 
Once the polish was dry I peeled off all the striping tape patted down any lifted edges, then re-applied the striping tape but this time in black & silver then applied my favorie top coat.

Hope you all enjoyed this negative space nail art post ! 

Happy Polishing !! 😘❤️💅