Friday, June 26, 2015

Matte Leopard Print Nail Art

              💕💕 Hey dolls 💕💕 

How are you all doing on this beaautiful day today!? Well since yesterday was July 1st, 2015 ; that meaant that ... It was 🇨🇦 Canada Day 🇨🇦 here in Canada! How old we are, don't ask me, I'd have to google it .. Haha!

But anyways.. onto today's nail of the day, which isn't representing Canada in ANYWAY whatsoever! Hehe - but that's okay because I no longer have that design on any more. I'm falling way way behind ladies. I'm doing my nails more than posting them :|

So this was actually form a few days ago's nail art design. I went with the classic leopard print but only going down the side of one nail on each hand! Whichever nail you prefer, it will always work & with any colour !

I chose to go with O.P.I 's ; La - Pazitively Hot && Sally Hansen's ; Balck Out for the free hand leopard print design. 

Now, instead of using my regular HK Girl's Fast Drying Top Coat .. I decided to use O.P.I 's ; Matte Top Coat to give it a bit of a different affect & look !

Hope you all enjoyed! 

Happy Polishing Ladies <333 

Freehand Floral Nail Art

Hay everyone! 

So I've been super busy lately and then at the same time been hit with a lot of personal things that haven't had me up to posting about my nails, as you may have noticed from the previous post being empty.. I will try to get back to those soon. 

In the mean time, today's Nail Art of the Day was an Inspired Manicure by the amazing @Squeaknroo -- Melissa <33 on you guessed it .. Instagram !! 

This freehand floral technique I thought would be very difficult to achieve but it was actually quite simple. 
Start by painting a base colour. I chose Drip Drip Nail Paints ; Stairway to Heaven because that's what Melissa had used and I had the polish which I never really used to it just worked out perfectly!

For the freehand roses you will need a green for the leaves, a white for the swirls and two other polishes of your choice! 

Using one of the colours you chose make a blob wherever and however many you'd like. Then using the second colour of your choice make a slightly smallest blob in the middle of the pervious blob. 
For the next step I used a tooth pick  and the white and made little 'swirls' making the rose take affect. Then with your green you can make 1 or 1 leaves on either or the same side of your roses. 

      Credits to Melissa - @Squeaknroo 

I hope you all enjoyed! && thankyou Melissa // @Squeaknroo - IG 

Happy Polishing !! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

BorenPretty Stamping! Plate BP-09

Hi lovelies !

I'm back again with another stamped mani! I felt super bad about being MIA for the past 3 weeks so when I say I'm sorry, I mean it and how ? I did 3 Nail Art Designs just for yall in one night!? But did I post them nope totally forgot 

I'm not joking girls, I seriously did!
It's just been too long, and waay too long since I've done some stamping nail art! Hehe! Enjoy!

 *both polishes used were from @Pawlished.Kait's Giveaway not too long ago-see in previous posts*

Firstly start by painting two coats of 
Essie ; For the Twill of It 
&& Stamped on this cool Star-y design from @BornPrettyStore's Stamping Plate QA65 with Essie ; Over the Edge 

               Essie ; Over The Edge 
              Essie ; For the Twill of It

Happy Polishing !

Thursday, June 11, 2015

BornPrettyStore StampingPlate QA65

No time to write about these next few post but have to post before I forgets 

Pixel Heart Nail Art #PixelLoveForSammy

Hi folks! 
So sorry I've been literally MIA for the past two weeks. My manager had to go to another location so I took her place for two weeks man, am I glad that's over! 
It was just a total change in my normal routine, I literally feel lost haha! 

But now I'm finally back to the regular routine I know & somewhat love .. Hehe
&& finally had some time to get some nail art in!!! I was so happy when Shawna -- @MyNailsDid ask me to participate in this amazing nail art collaboration with all our amazing Canadian nail friends for our very loved Samantha -- @Canaildian_Girl's Birthday Yesterday! 

So I had this done since Sunday, but couldn't post it till yesterday 😝 

This is the finished product of Shawnas amazing idea on this collaboration! 

I think it's just absolutely amazing! @MyNailsDid literally out did herself! Honestly the sweetest thing ever! 

Happy Birthday Sammy ! 

This is my Solo Shot for my Pixleated Heart Nail Art for Sammys Birthday Collaboration!! Oh boy this was funn 😁

I started by painting two coats of 
Sally Hansen - Hard Bitten 
Then using Nina Ultra Pro - Cobalt I made a heart on my ring nail then using Sally Hansen - BlackOut, I created little squares all around the heart to create the Pixleated effect and then added a few more onto the other nails to make it more full !

Hope you all enjoyed !!

Happy Polishing ; xos