Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gradient Leopard Print Nail Art

Hi lovelies !! 

I'm back today with another inspired nail art by @Chikiiz26 on IG! I fell in love with her original work of this design! It was just breath taking!! 

Minee ... 

Not so much .. I just seem to be really having trouble getting the hang of the sponged gradient technique ! I really need a better sponge because I keep getting little pieces of it on my nails 😡

But here's my go at a 
Gradient Leopard Print Nail Art Design 

I used two coats of @PolishMyLife Coral Fedora then I sponged on 1950s Mint Fridge to create the gradient effect. 
Once dry, using Essie - Licorice & my OPI Dotting Tool I drew the leopard print on just the side of the two gradiented nails.

Hope you all enjoyed & Happy Polishing!

Chevron & Gold Heart Nail Art

Haay beaaauts!! 

So I'm back today with some real nail art again, I know I've been lacking by doing a lot of swatching lately but I promise to do more!! 

This nail art was inspired by @melcisme on IG ! She has the most amazing designs ever, she's my faav :) 

I really liked her go on this with the silver but didn't have any silver heart studs so this had to do :) 

I used two coats of each polish using nail glue I placed down my gold heart stud and applied my top coat 

Once dry using single stripe nail guides I made thin chevron lines in gold & pink over a white base !


How simple was that? 

I hope you all enjoyed! See you next time!

Happy Polishing !

Friday, April 24, 2015

Gradient Stamped Nail Art

Hi lovelies !! So I finally had some time to do some real nail art work, & it's something I've never done before !! 

&& let me tell you, doing sponged gradient nails is not as easy as it looks !
The pictures make it seem soo frikkin easy!!

'All you do its apply the colours to the sponge and sponge on nail' 

Now what they don't tell you is that if you don't have the greatest makeup sponges, it WILL stick to your nail! Ugh I was so fustrated but luckily ... 

Thanks to @mynailsdid today's #TGIFNailArtChallenge Day 24, was a stamped gradient so that helped cover the lumps a bit but you can still feel them :@ :@ 

After applying my base coat, I applied a thin layer of Orly ; Cake Pop before starting the sponge gradient. 
Once dry, I took my sponge and with each colour I made one stripe along the sponge and when applying the others you want them to touch a bit so they can blend! 

But make sure you have a good sponge or else be prepared to have spongy nails!

Hope you all enjoy! Happy Polishing !

Close up shot of today's Floral Gradient Stamped Nail Art 

Lust & Love Thermal Polish

Another custom made by Sassy Polish

This is 'lust & love' 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunset in Paradise

Hey beaaauts !! Ofcourse another thermal swatch for us todaaay! I'm absolutely loving them right now ! It's just amazes me how polish can even do this let alone the indie makers make it!! 

This is 'Sunset in Paradise'

Ugh isn't it gorgeous? I used two coats for this mani no base once again letting the polish really get to the heat of my nails. 

It applies as a gorgeous shimmery pinky red and when heated it's a shimmering hot pink !!

Happy Polishing 

Blueen Thermal Polish

Hey lovelies ! Another swatch here today of another custom thermal I got from @sassy_polish_scrubs !! Just to clear things up I got 6 thermals and 2 sun reactives one of each were freebies from the lovely Danielle for the delay I shipping. 

Say hello to 'Blueen'

A gorgeous sparkly Aquamarine when applied and once their heated it goes to lovely sparkly blue !!

I used two coats no base !!
And a top coat!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Minty Fresh Thermal Polish

Hi lovelies ! I'm back today with another one of my custom made thermal polishes from @sassy_polish_scrubs on IG!! I am totally loving these thermals so far! I think I may have a new addiction girls .... :| 

This is 'Minty Fresh' 
I applied two coats & at first its a gorgeous bright green with a holo shimmer, && as your nails warm up they change to a light green with a holo shimmer! 

Beautiful isn't it!? 

Absolutely loving thermals atm !! 

Hope you all enjoy & happy polishing !!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Haay beaaauts!! Boy oh boy am I excited to show you today's new nail polish! It's my first ever owned Thermal Nail Polish && it was Custom Made for me by @sassy_polish_scrubs on IG ! You can also find her store on StoreEnvy !! 

Say hello to ' Pinkle ' !

This is my new baby! I absolutely adoreeee her! It amazes me so much how Indie Nail Polish Makers can do this!! 
I think thermals may be my new addiction

I want to thank Danielle @sassy_polish_scrubs founded & creator for making this beauty for me!! I absolutely love her!!

Quatrefoil Nail Art

Hi everyone! Soo.. your gunna see a few posts from me tonight, because as I said in the previous post their are waay too many social media websites out there to keep up!! 

This nail art was done for @mynailsdid #TGIFNailArtChallenge !! This is Day 10 Challenge #2 for the month of April !

Today's nail art is a Quatrefoil / Moroccan Nail Art using @Lou_It_Yourself Nail Vinyls

As you may see I was so obsessed with Zoya ; Daisy I used it for this nail design as well! It's just such a beautiful yellow!!

I painted every nail except my ring nail 
Zoya ; Daisy -- 2 coats 
Then on my ring nail I painted on 
Zoya ; Lilian -- 2 coats 

Once all nails were completely dry I placed down Lou's Moroccan Nail Viynls on every nail and painted all expect my ring nail Zoya ;  Lilian & Zoya ; Daisy on my ring nail.

I peeled off each nail vinyl immediately using tweezers, waited for it to dry, & then I topped it off with my new love
Glisten & Glow ; HK Girl Top Coat

Happy Polishing!!  

Is This BLINGIN Enough Nail Art

Hi lovelies ! You know how sometimes you feel like their are waay to many social media websites out there? Well that's how I feel right now .. I get so caught up in posting to every one I forget to post so many !? How that's possible I have no idea but I'm really gunna make an effort to make blogger my first priority! 

Now to today nails art!! 

I started out with just wanting to swatch this gorgeous shimmering yellow.. Until it got on my nails! It's pretty in the bottle but I didn't think I would love it so much!
It's just so beautiful and springy my head said it needed some BLING! 

I used two coats of Zoya - Daisy 
Such a great name too!
Then using my BornPrettyStore RhineStones I placed them all over my ring finger to make this beaautiful blinnngin mani! 

Hope you all like it 

         Swatch Picture of Zoya ; Daisy

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Prototype *108* Swatch

Haay beaauts! Last post for the day here! I hope you all enjoyed my swatches of @DripDropNailPaint Spring Prototype Grab Bag! If you didnt already go get one! If youve never heard of Drip Drop gooo follow her now and browse her site!

This is prototype *108*
Which is my absolute favourite out of all three!
Is just soo springy!!!
A just devine yellow with ofcourse gorgeous all sizes and colour glitters in it!!
Flash Shot
No Flash Shot

Spring Prototype *107* Swatch

Hi lovelies! Back again with todays second swatch of the day!

This is Spring Prototype Grab Brag *107* 
A gorgeous spring blue with big spring coloured hexagon glitters mixed in it! Beautiful! 
Flash Shot
No Flash Shot

Spring Prototype *106* Swatch

Hi my lovelies! How are you all doing today!? Today im super excited to show you three brand new swatches i have (other two will be in seperate posts). I recently got my Nail Mail !! From @DripDropNailPaint on IG. I have been wanting to get my hands on a Spring Prototype Grab Bag for quite some time now and i finally got one & it finally arrived!! 

This is Prototype *106* Which is a loving white with super pretty spring coloured glitters in it! 
Absoloutley perfect for any spring day!
Flash Shot
No Flash Shot

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Studded Glitter; Leopard Print Nail Art

Hi my beaautiful readers! 
I'm back today with an inspired nail art by @melcisme on IG. I am truley a huge fan of hers! She does the most amazing work I've seen.. I couldn't tell you how many screenshots on my phone I have of her designs that i still want to re-create !! 
It's not even funny! Haha 

Today's nail art design was very easy to do thanks to @BornPrettyStore Stamping Plate QA ..without that leopard print stamp, i don't think i would have been able to do the print as well as it is freehanding. And here's a great tip!! For my thumb & pinky nails before applying Revlon ; Radiant , I applied a layer of @canaildian_girl 's Cutie Guard (Apricot Colored) let it dry && applied Radiant ... What does this do may you ask????
Well it's a new glitter peel off base coat! 
I got this great idea from another fan of @canaildian_girl on IG .. How amazing is this !!?!?!?!? 

More glitter is going to be used by me that's forshure ! 

Hope to all enjoyed & Happy Polishing!

A Trio Midi Ring Set from by @canaildian_girl ❤️

Seas the Day ; China Glaze

 Hi lovelies ! 

I'm back today with a new polish swatch for ya! I just recently got this polish while at our IG Canadian Nail Girl Meet Up .. We all brought a few of our own destashes and this was just one of a few that I picked up :)

China Glaze ; Seas the Day. A grogeous beaautiful bright red that is mind blowing! I am absolutely loveeeeing this colour right now girls! Do you own this colour?

Happy Polishing !