Friday, April 24, 2015

Gradient Stamped Nail Art

Hi lovelies !! So I finally had some time to do some real nail art work, & it's something I've never done before !! 

&& let me tell you, doing sponged gradient nails is not as easy as it looks !
The pictures make it seem soo frikkin easy!!

'All you do its apply the colours to the sponge and sponge on nail' 

Now what they don't tell you is that if you don't have the greatest makeup sponges, it WILL stick to your nail! Ugh I was so fustrated but luckily ... 

Thanks to @mynailsdid today's #TGIFNailArtChallenge Day 24, was a stamped gradient so that helped cover the lumps a bit but you can still feel them :@ :@ 

After applying my base coat, I applied a thin layer of Orly ; Cake Pop before starting the sponge gradient. 
Once dry, I took my sponge and with each colour I made one stripe along the sponge and when applying the others you want them to touch a bit so they can blend! 

But make sure you have a good sponge or else be prepared to have spongy nails!

Hope you all enjoy! Happy Polishing !

Close up shot of today's Floral Gradient Stamped Nail Art