Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Flowered Nail Art Design

Finally ! Some time to do some real nail art!! & im in loveeee with theseee 😍❤️

Lol sorry everyone , hello hello !!
I'm back today with an inspired nail art design from @melcisme on IG. Go followe her ! I promise you won't be disappointed !! 

&&& I also got to use my neeeeew found loveeee ! Girrrrrllls pleaseeee tell me why haven't I bought this sooner !?!?!?
HK Girl Fucking Rocks !! 
I never ever thought I could ever find another top coat better than Seche Vite! .. But I did ! 
HK Girl is by faaaaar better OMG I love IT
But I'll have to give another review once the bottles done! I really hope it doesn't glooop up like Seche Vite does!

I also did this mani for the NPQ's Community on G+ -- Weekly Challenge which I haven't participated in ; in forever :'( ! I was so happy to see that this weeks challenge was Spring Flowers ! Because I love doing flower nail art and it's finally Spring Time !!! 

So! To do today's nail art design I used 
O.P.I ; Nail Envy as my main base coat. Then I used Julep ; Vera as the base colour on my Index, Middle, & Pinky nails.
On my Thumb and Ring nails I used 
Essie ; Blanc and the base colour.
Then I used @lou_it_yourself chevron nail vinyls on my Thumb & Ring nails and painted over top with Julep ; Vera.

*Be sure to peel of the vinyls as soon as you've painted each coat of polish. This will eliminate lifting off more polish than needed *(what was on the vinyls). 

On both my Middle nails I created 
White Daisie Flowers using Essie ; Blanc & used Gold Circular Studs I got from @BornPrettyStore for their centre piece. 
I also used another circular stud bigger than the previous ones in the middle of both Index nails.

Once everything was dry I used my new found love HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat by @GlitenandGlow1 !!!
I am absoloutley inlove with this too coat! I never thought I would replace Seche Vite for anything else! Boy was I wrong! 

Hope you all enjoyed!

Happy Polishing !

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Glitter Gradient

Hi lovelies! 
I know im posting a lot today! But work hours have been crazy I have no time to just sit here and type! Haha so this is another gradient mani I did to swatch this gorgeous glitter from @SteelCityReflections ! Another indie nail artist but one that's a local! She's lives honestly an hour away from me! It's so cool to have found her! 

This glitter of hers is called Doo Mee 
& I dooo <3 this mani ! Haha it's a grgeous glitter I can't even begin to describe ! Go check her out!

Happy Polishing!

Antique Spring Collection by PolishMyLife

Hello Beaaauties!
Today I have a bit more than half of 
PolishMyLife's Antique Spring Collection that is absoloutley beaautiful I can't even begin to explain! All the colours replicate antique spring objects with the antique look to them aswell! I'm so obsessed with this collection of Shaneka's!!!! She's amazing & her formula .. Ladies I can't even get started I'll go offff !!!! 


This is Retro Green Scene, a gorgeous suttle, warm & light green that i really lovee! By faar the best & most beautiful green I own.
This colour is 1950s Mint 'Fridge ; which made me laugh so hard cause it's identical to a 1950s mint fridge!! It's too coool! I absolutely love the name, suits this polish PERFECTLY! 
This is Strawberry Whip & Chill 
A gorgeous hot pink perfect for spring flowers & summer designs !
& Coral Fedora ! This is not the last of the collection line, I am missing 2 out of the 7 in the collection & haven't yet to swatch the blue below! Man I wish I had a coral fedora! How cool would that be!?!? But once again she did it !! A beautiful coral, pinky peachy creme sutible for any season with me! I find this colour just matches my skin tone a lot more than others.. Why I love corals so much and own like 5 different kinds .. And let me tell you .. Their will probably be more .. 
And here is a stamped swatch of Springtime Blues ; as I said above haven't had the time to swatch this beauty on its own yet but I will soon! And I'll also have the other 2 polishes left of her collection that I still need to buy!

Hope you all enjoyed! Sorry I haven't been posting!

Happy Polishing !

Sparkle Gradient

Hi dolls! 
Just a quick post here .. I totally forgot to post these from a while back before I had that major breakage on my middle finger and stilllll waiting for them to grow a bit more before I start to shape them again.

This was a holo gradient mani using @sassy_polish_scrubs 
Cotton Candy Cupcakes 
A outrageously gorgeous pink sparkle/ glitter topper ! 
For the base colour I used @coloresdecaorl 's While Opal Holographic Polish 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Floral Stamped Nail Art

Hi my amazing readers ! 
I'm am sooooo sorrrry I haven't been posting! Work has been crazy because my boss went on vacations for 3 weeks and was super busy working almost everyday! I did get a few nail art designs & detaches in though! Just didn't have the time to post anything! But I have 3 days off so you will be seeing a lot from me :D 

Today's nail art design features two beautiful polishes from @polishmylife 's Spring Collection that are .. 
1950s Mint 'Fridge & Springtime Blues !

Yes you may have noticed my nails are no longer stilettod :'( which I am supeeer mad about! .. A lot happend over those 3 weeks of hell! Can't wait to shape them soon! 

But .. Back to Todaays nail design! 
It was only supposed to be a swatch but because my nails have been so pain lately I just couldn't resist doing a floral design to celebrate that springtime is finally here!!!! Omgsh you have no idea how excited j am for summer you guys!

I used two thin coats of @polishmylife 's Spring Collection ; 1950s Mint 'Fridge 
Then I top coated with Seche Vite. 
Once dry, using @bornprettystore 's Stamping Plate QA16 design you see above I stamped with @polishmylife 's 
Spring Collection ; Springtime Blues. 
And topped it off with another coat of
Seche Vite ! 

Hope you all enjoyed & sorry for tm being MIA for a while .. 

Happy Polishing 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 1 ; Blobbicure #wnac2015 -- Holo March

Haay beaaauts! 
Today I've got something new & very different from what I normally do .. But I had lots of fun trying it out! 

I recently came across this image (that I will post below) on IG for a monthly themed weekly nail art challenge!? 
This months theme is ; Holo March! #wnac2015 to see all the beautiful designs everyone comes up with!!

Day 1 ; Blobbicure 

When I had first read day 1's challenge I was like what the heck is that!? Ofcourse I had to google it and wow some of them are really cool! 

Mine on the other had .. meeh ..
I know I could have done a better job but I wasn't really feeling the design to begin with, then one or two blobs got connected and I got frustrated and gave up. I'm sure you girls know how that is.
Don't take this post the wrong way though, try it out for yourself first & it might just be for you! Not evey opinion has to be the same nor every style nor pigment of nail polish .. so some may like it, some won't it's just life! 

had tons of fun doing this anyways though because, it was new for me, and maybe in the future I'll be able to create a better one !

Thankyou @wnac_tkc for this crazy fun monthly challenge ! Can't wait for day 2 and more months to come!

                   Happy Polishing !

Thursday, March 5, 2015

warm&toasty chevrons ❤️

Hi my beaaautiful nail friends !
Today I have a chevron manicure nail art to show ya! Ohh how I love my chevrons!

It was honestly probably one of the easiest nails arts I've ever done but for an easy to do manicure it shure doesn't look that way! But not everybody knows about our amazing nail secrets 😏😉 !! Haha today's nail art was inspired by the amazing one & only @audra_dirce on IG!
She originally did hers with a deep purple and gold which was absolutely beautiful!
I decided to go with a lavender & white since I've been praaaaying for spring to finally arrive! It's far to cold in Toronto.

Now onto how I did these beauties! First I applied my base polishes which were, Essie ; Warm & Toasty Turtleneck - Index Nail & Essie ; Blanc - Thumb, Middle, Ring, & Pinky nails. A lot of blanc right? Don't worry once the blanc dried on my middle I placed down one chevron vinyl in the middle of my nail and two on my ring nail semi middle. I painted over top of the vinyls with warm&toasty turtleneck 
And voila ! 

Thankyou @aurdra_dirce for the inspiration! 

              Original Photo & Artist

Happy Polishing ! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inspired & Recreated Nail Art !

Heey everyoneee ! 
Just another inspired manicure here for ya today. The original artist is on Instagram & her IG handle is if you'd like to follow her ;;; @audra_drice ❤️❤️

I decided to go with a different colour scheme than Aurda did.. & I had use larger diamond embellishments seeing as I had none smaller than these.

On my thumb nail, my index, & my pinky, 
I'm wearing Drip Drop NailPaint ; Princess Jess. On my middle nail I used 
PolishMyLife ; Nude Lace ' Princess Jess Blanc ' & Sally Hansen ; Wedding Glitters
Then one thin coat of Essie ; Blanc on my ring nail before applying Julep ; Tazeen

& now we go back to the middle by drawing one triangle at the centre top and centre bottom of those nails. Meaning both tips of the triangle should meet in the middle & close to touching each other. Then, using a thinner brush to create the lines around the triangles and repeat with the other two colours like in the picture above. Once they were all dry i applied Seche Vite as my top coat.

Once i was absolutely sure that everything was dried, I added on these BornPrettyStore Diamond Shaped Studs to my thumb, index, & pinky nails using nail art glue! 

I hope it all enjoyed !! 
Happy polishing !!!!