Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Flowered Nail Art Design

Finally ! Some time to do some real nail art!! & im in loveeee with theseee 😍❤️

Lol sorry everyone , hello hello !!
I'm back today with an inspired nail art design from @melcisme on IG. Go followe her ! I promise you won't be disappointed !! 

&&& I also got to use my neeeeew found loveeee ! Girrrrrllls pleaseeee tell me why haven't I bought this sooner !?!?!?
HK Girl Fucking Rocks !! 
I never ever thought I could ever find another top coat better than Seche Vite! .. But I did ! 
HK Girl is by faaaaar better OMG I love IT
But I'll have to give another review once the bottles done! I really hope it doesn't glooop up like Seche Vite does!

I also did this mani for the NPQ's Community on G+ -- Weekly Challenge which I haven't participated in ; in forever :'( ! I was so happy to see that this weeks challenge was Spring Flowers ! Because I love doing flower nail art and it's finally Spring Time !!! 

So! To do today's nail art design I used 
O.P.I ; Nail Envy as my main base coat. Then I used Julep ; Vera as the base colour on my Index, Middle, & Pinky nails.
On my Thumb and Ring nails I used 
Essie ; Blanc and the base colour.
Then I used @lou_it_yourself chevron nail vinyls on my Thumb & Ring nails and painted over top with Julep ; Vera.

*Be sure to peel of the vinyls as soon as you've painted each coat of polish. This will eliminate lifting off more polish than needed *(what was on the vinyls). 

On both my Middle nails I created 
White Daisie Flowers using Essie ; Blanc & used Gold Circular Studs I got from @BornPrettyStore for their centre piece. 
I also used another circular stud bigger than the previous ones in the middle of both Index nails.

Once everything was dry I used my new found love HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat by @GlitenandGlow1 !!!
I am absoloutley inlove with this too coat! I never thought I would replace Seche Vite for anything else! Boy was I wrong! 

Hope you all enjoyed!

Happy Polishing !