Thursday, March 26, 2015

Floral Stamped Nail Art

Hi my amazing readers ! 
I'm am sooooo sorrrry I haven't been posting! Work has been crazy because my boss went on vacations for 3 weeks and was super busy working almost everyday! I did get a few nail art designs & detaches in though! Just didn't have the time to post anything! But I have 3 days off so you will be seeing a lot from me :D 

Today's nail art design features two beautiful polishes from @polishmylife 's Spring Collection that are .. 
1950s Mint 'Fridge & Springtime Blues !

Yes you may have noticed my nails are no longer stilettod :'( which I am supeeer mad about! .. A lot happend over those 3 weeks of hell! Can't wait to shape them soon! 

But .. Back to Todaays nail design! 
It was only supposed to be a swatch but because my nails have been so pain lately I just couldn't resist doing a floral design to celebrate that springtime is finally here!!!! Omgsh you have no idea how excited j am for summer you guys!

I used two thin coats of @polishmylife 's Spring Collection ; 1950s Mint 'Fridge 
Then I top coated with Seche Vite. 
Once dry, using @bornprettystore 's Stamping Plate QA16 design you see above I stamped with @polishmylife 's 
Spring Collection ; Springtime Blues. 
And topped it off with another coat of
Seche Vite ! 

Hope you all enjoyed & sorry for tm being MIA for a while .. 

Happy Polishing