Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inspired & Recreated Nail Art !

Heey everyoneee ! 
Just another inspired manicure here for ya today. The original artist is on Instagram & her IG handle is if you'd like to follow her ;;; @audra_drice ❤️❤️

I decided to go with a different colour scheme than Aurda did.. & I had use larger diamond embellishments seeing as I had none smaller than these.

On my thumb nail, my index, & my pinky, 
I'm wearing Drip Drop NailPaint ; Princess Jess. On my middle nail I used 
PolishMyLife ; Nude Lace ' Princess Jess Blanc ' & Sally Hansen ; Wedding Glitters
Then one thin coat of Essie ; Blanc on my ring nail before applying Julep ; Tazeen

& now we go back to the middle by drawing one triangle at the centre top and centre bottom of those nails. Meaning both tips of the triangle should meet in the middle & close to touching each other. Then, using a thinner brush to create the lines around the triangles and repeat with the other two colours like in the picture above. Once they were all dry i applied Seche Vite as my top coat.

Once i was absolutely sure that everything was dried, I added on these BornPrettyStore Diamond Shaped Studs to my thumb, index, & pinky nails using nail art glue! 

I hope it all enjoyed !! 
Happy polishing !!!!