Friday, February 27, 2015

Chevrons & Glitter & Studs Galore !

Hi loveees! 

So i decided I would do this quick manicure before I went to bed last night .. Which wasnt the best idea I've had😡 because if you fall asleep & your nails are still a litttttle bit wet, you'll most likely ruin them so that's why I decided to take a picture the exact moment it was done and mess was cleaned up because.. 

I ended up falling asleep .. woke up and BAM .. Everything ruined ! But anyways thanks god I took this last cause they were baaaad this morning. And didn't wanna redo them again 😕☺️

Now onto today's mani ! 

This is an inspired/re-created look by @ineedamani on Instagram !! I loved it I had to recreate !! 

So I started by painting my middle and ring finger 1 layer of Essie ; Blanc  why? Well for one, I needed it for the chevron look on my middle finger & then figured maybe it'll make an easier cleanup for the glitter later on.. &&  instead of using glitter for the dots on the other nails I used BornPrettyStore Studs that came in a Nail Art Wheel (this wheel has gold and silver circles, stars, rhinestones & triangle studs in it) 

Hope you all enjoyed!
Happy polishing!!!! Xoxo