Friday, February 27, 2015

Piñata Colada Sassy Polish Swatch

Hiii boos! So I have a few things to post today , it been a busy week and with so many social media wedsites & Instagram being more new to me ATM but I haven't forgotten about you all! After I finally FINISH this one I get right into the next post I swear !! 

I don't know if you'll all remember my last post; but I mentioned being involved in a Candian Nail Sawp. Some knew each other from being on Instagram but we've never really met so we set a date to alll meet up! 
Anyways I'm getting off topic now...

The polish you see above and below Is just one of the many polishes my girl Tonja was able to give me and she did way more than expected ! I can't thank her enough. Goo visit her website at and see even more goodies she has !! 

I kept it simple with a swatch because the white was a pearly shimmery white with little tiny different colours dots in it and ugh I just couldn't touch & ruin that beauty !! 

For this manicure I used 3 thin coats; 
Piñata Colada ; Sassy Polish 
Drytime; reasonable,no complaints

Hope you all enjoy 😘😘❤️😍😍

Oh did I mention I'm holding a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account !? This ends on March 16 @ 11:59pm 

Just go to my Instagram page @cmarieexo.lacquerbaby find the original picture and make sure you follow AALLL RULES or your entry will not qualify 

Happy Polishing ; xox