Friday, February 27, 2015

First Day of Spring Nail Art!

Hi my lovelies !! I told yaa I was guna be back more than once today to post upp!! Ive been busy the past few weeks but I've still been doing my nails just not remembering to post to EVERY social media website all the timeee :'( 
(My ode to today) 
Social medias hard to keep up with guys!
I don't know how you all do it! 

Anyways I'm back with a 'First day of Spring Nail art design' why ? because we should all know, want, and are all patiently waiting for winter to be done already, and that spring is less than a month away girls!! I cannot wait if you can't already tell !!

I used 2 coats of O.P.I ; Italian Love Affair 
2 coats of Sally Hansen ; Celeb City 
& one coat of Essie ; Blanc over top of @LouItYourself small single striped vinyls. For this mani I was originally inspired by @amkuch15 on Instagram but instead of doing the heart on your ring finger with the lines. (Which I really liked too ... so maybe I'll do it again someday!!!) But instead, I made a pink rhinestone flower in celebration for all the beautiful blossoming flowers to come this month! With my BornPrettyStore 12 Rhinestone Nail Art Wheel !! 
Hope you all enjoyed & thank you for the inspiration @amkuch15 

Happy spring!
Happy polishing!!! Xox