Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chevron Hearts Nail Art

Hi beauutifuls! On Friday I received some nail mail from indie maker @LavishPolish & some nail vinyls from @Lou_It_Yourself! Both of them arrived the same daay!! .. Now who wouldn't love that!?!? Haha 
So I figured why not do a design using the products from both of them!!   :D

&&& I must get this out of the way now before I go maaaaad ... I am absolutely obsessed with these chevron nail vinyls!!!! You should all know single chevron vinyls were by faar my favorite for the longest time now!  But I think I have a new love 😍😍 Like I'm literally obsessed guys! 
I can't stop staring at them !! 

Buuuuut ......
started out this mani by painting my index & pinky nails Lavish Polish ; Mint to Be , Then painted my thumb, middle, & ring nails Lavish Polish ; Hugs & Kisses 

Once they were all completly dry, on each nail, I placed 5 chevron nail vinyls from LouItYourself on them 

On my index and pinky nails I painted over top of the chevron nail vinyls with 
Lavish Polish ; Hugs & Kisses 
On my thumb, middle, & ring nails I painted over top of the chevron vinyls 
Lavish Polish ; Lovebirds 
(I peeled off each vinyl right after the second coat of polish was applied to each nail.) 

& lastly using LouItYoursef Valentines Day Heart Stickers.. I placed them on my thumb, middle, & ring finger then topped it all off with my favorite top coat
Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat !!

I hope you all enjoyed !

Happy polishing 😘❤️💅