Friday, February 20, 2015

SteelCityReflections Valentine's Day Duo

Haaay beaaautys ! So I really haven't been posting lately but I have still been doing my nails! Haha noo need to worry. But while I've been away.. A lot has actually been going on! I just did my first nail polish swap eveeeer ! && it waaas sooooo much fun you guuuuys!
& It was all thanks to these two CANADIAN LADIES @Canaildian_girl & @Mynailsdid on Instagram my amazing maple sistaaas !! 

Without them I don't think this would have happened .. The states tend to have problems with their swaps so I was super excited that they took the time and effort to make one just for us Canadian Gaals c: 

We've all now received our boxs and I had so much fun seeing everyone else's & shopping for my girl! I was in the $25 Category and my box was heellaaa niceee ! Haha anyways 

The nail artist that got me as her swap girl just so happens to have her own indie line! Her name is Tanja and she truley is @fabfingies because she does some awesome freaking nail art ! She makes her own Indie Nail Polish Brand in Hamilton, Ontario called @SteelCityReflections. As you may see above she was so kind enough to put some of her own polishes in my box!

These two colours were apart of her Valentine's Day Duo. And their both oh so lovely !! The pink is called ; Sweet Nothings & the glitter is ; Don't Stop 

I kept it simple with a triangle nail art design not to over power both of the polishes together.
I hope you all enjoy !

Happy Polishing !