Friday, February 27, 2015

Chevrons & Glitter & Studs Galore !

Hi loveees! 

So i decided I would do this quick manicure before I went to bed last night .. Which wasnt the best idea I've had😑 because if you fall asleep & your nails are still a litttttle bit wet, you'll most likely ruin them so that's why I decided to take a picture the exact moment it was done and mess was cleaned up because.. 

I ended up falling asleep .. woke up and BAM .. Everything ruined ! But anyways thanks god I took this last cause they were baaaad this morning. And didn't wanna redo them again πŸ˜•☺️

Now onto today's mani ! 

This is an inspired/re-created look by @ineedamani on Instagram !! I loved it I had to recreate !! 

So I started by painting my middle and ring finger 1 layer of Essie ; Blanc  why? Well for one, I needed it for the chevron look on my middle finger & then figured maybe it'll make an easier cleanup for the glitter later on.. &&  instead of using glitter for the dots on the other nails I used BornPrettyStore Studs that came in a Nail Art Wheel (this wheel has gold and silver circles, stars, rhinestones & triangle studs in it) 

Hope you all enjoyed!
Happy polishing!!!! Xoxo

First Day of Spring Nail Art!

Hi my lovelies !! I told yaa I was guna be back more than once today to post upp!! Ive been busy the past few weeks but I've still been doing my nails just not remembering to post to EVERY social media website all the timeee :'( 
(My ode to today) 
Social medias hard to keep up with guys!
I don't know how you all do it! 

Anyways I'm back with a 'First day of Spring Nail art design' why ? because we should all know, want, and are all patiently waiting for winter to be done already, and that spring is less than a month away girls!! I cannot wait if you can't already tell !!

I used 2 coats of O.P.I ; Italian Love Affair 
2 coats of Sally Hansen ; Celeb City 
& one coat of Essie ; Blanc over top of @LouItYourself small single striped vinyls. For this mani I was originally inspired by @amkuch15 on Instagram but instead of doing the heart on your ring finger with the lines. (Which I really liked too ... so maybe I'll do it again someday!!!) But instead, I made a pink rhinestone flower in celebration for all the beautiful blossoming flowers to come this month! With my BornPrettyStore 12 Rhinestone Nail Art Wheel !! 
Hope you all enjoyed & thank you for the inspiration @amkuch15 

Happy spring!
Happy polishing!!! Xox

Ruby Red Roses Swatch

                         (W. Flash)

I'm baaaack!

Today I have a swatch for you that I got in my Canadian Nail Swap Box not too long ago !!! 
&& ofcourse its another gorgeouuuuus colour from Sassy Polish & Scrubs that I really DIDNT want to take off for today's new mani. They were so sparkly !

I used two coats each nail of Ruby Red Roses, sassy has great drying time in her formula and and did I mention....
Sassys making me 2 custom thermal polishes !!! Can't wait to try those suckers out and show yaaal !!! 

Jus a quick swatch today so I hope you enjoyed !! 

Happy Polishing ; xox 

                         (No Flash)

Fail of the Day ; Galaxy Nails

Haha your probably all thinking Galaxy Nails ? Is this girl serious !? I'm so sorry guys but I laughed so hard at myself !! They look like their trapped in nebula no? Haha but I've been getting pretty good lately with my nail art so I think but I've never tried this look before so maybe it just needs practice ?? 

Also I used another swamp box item!

This is a topper & it is just lovely, it's going to be fun playing around and see what I can come up with for this gorgeous topped 😏

This polish is from 
Sassy Polish & Scrubs and its called 
Solar Eclipse ; Linear Holographic Topper  

PiΓ±ata Colada Sassy Polish Swatch

Hiii boos! So I have a few things to post today , it been a busy week and with so many social media wedsites & Instagram being more new to me ATM but I haven't forgotten about you all! After I finally FINISH this one I get right into the next post I swear !! 

I don't know if you'll all remember my last post; but I mentioned being involved in a Candian Nail Sawp. Some knew each other from being on Instagram but we've never really met so we set a date to alll meet up! 
Anyways I'm getting off topic now...

The polish you see above and below Is just one of the many polishes my girl Tonja was able to give me and she did way more than expected ! I can't thank her enough. Goo visit her website at and see even more goodies she has !! 

I kept it simple with a swatch because the white was a pearly shimmery white with little tiny different colours dots in it and ugh I just couldn't touch & ruin that beauty !! 

For this manicure I used 3 thin coats; 
PiΓ±ata Colada ; Sassy Polish 
Drytime; reasonable,no complaints

Hope you all enjoy 😘😘❤️😍😍

Oh did I mention I'm holding a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account !? This ends on March 16 @ 11:59pm 

Just go to my Instagram page @cmarieexo.lacquerbaby find the original picture and make sure you follow AALLL RULES or your entry will not qualify 

Happy Polishing ; xox

Friday, February 20, 2015

SteelCityReflections Valentine's Day Duo

Haaay beaaautys ! So I really haven't been posting lately but I have still been doing my nails! Haha noo need to worry. But while I've been away.. A lot has actually been going on! I just did my first nail polish swap eveeeer ! && it waaas sooooo much fun you guuuuys!
& It was all thanks to these two CANADIAN LADIES @Canaildian_girl & @Mynailsdid on Instagram my amazing maple sistaaas !! 

Without them I don't think this would have happened .. The states tend to have problems with their swaps so I was super excited that they took the time and effort to make one just for us Canadian Gaals c: 

We've all now received our boxs and I had so much fun seeing everyone else's & shopping for my girl! I was in the $25 Category and my box was heellaaa niceee ! Haha anyways 

The nail artist that got me as her swap girl just so happens to have her own indie line! Her name is Tanja and she truley is @fabfingies because she does some awesome freaking nail art ! She makes her own Indie Nail Polish Brand in Hamilton, Ontario called @SteelCityReflections. As you may see above she was so kind enough to put some of her own polishes in my box!

These two colours were apart of her Valentine's Day Duo. And their both oh so lovely !! The pink is called ; Sweet Nothings & the glitter is ; Don't Stop 

I kept it simple with a triangle nail art design not to over power both of the polishes together.
I hope you all enjoy !

Happy Polishing ! 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Leopard Print Stud Nail Art

Hey guys!
So I havent posted for a while but life's being a bit tough at the moment but I was feeling the mood today & did a leopard print manicure! 

I started out by using two coats of 
China Glaze ; At Vase Value    
& then one coat on my thumb & ring finger & then I overtopped them with 
Essie ; Set in Stones 
I also used 'Set in Stones' for the leopard print dots and circled them with
China Glaze ; Liquid Leather 

The Square Studs i used were purchased off of && i just used a top coat to stick them on them onto my middle finger & overtopped with another layer of top coat to secure.

I hope you all enjoy!
Happy Polishing ❤️πŸ˜˜πŸ’…

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chevron Hearts Nail Art

Hi beauutifuls! On Friday I received some nail mail from indie maker @LavishPolish & some nail vinyls from @Lou_It_Yourself! Both of them arrived the same daay!! .. Now who wouldn't love that!?!? Haha 
So I figured why not do a design using the products from both of them!!   :D

&&& I must get this out of the way now before I go maaaaad ... I am absolutely obsessed with these chevron nail vinyls!!!! You should all know single chevron vinyls were by faar my favorite for the longest time now!  But I think I have a new love 😍😍 Like I'm literally obsessed guys! 
I can't stop staring at them !! 

Buuuuut ......
started out this mani by painting my index & pinky nails Lavish Polish ; Mint to Be , Then painted my thumb, middle, & ring nails Lavish Polish ; Hugs & Kisses 

Once they were all completly dry, on each nail, I placed 5 chevron nail vinyls from LouItYourself on them 

On my index and pinky nails I painted over top of the chevron nail vinyls with 
Lavish Polish ; Hugs & Kisses 
On my thumb, middle, & ring nails I painted over top of the chevron vinyls 
Lavish Polish ; Lovebirds 
(I peeled off each vinyl right after the second coat of polish was applied to each nail.) 

& lastly using LouItYoursef Valentines Day Heart Stickers.. I placed them on my thumb, middle, & ring finger then topped it all off with my favorite top coat
Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat !!

I hope you all enjoyed !

Happy polishing 😘❤️πŸ’…

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vintage Flower Wallpaper Nail Art Design

     Vintage Flower Wallpaper Nail Art ! 

Haay beaaauts !

I'm here today with a Vintage Flower WallPaper Nail Art Design for yaaa ! 
It's actually a lot easier than it may seem to do!

I started by painting my nails two coats of 
China Glaze - Lotus Beign. 
Then using Essie - Blanc I made 4 lines down my ring finger. ( wish I would have done this to all my nails because adding them after was a disaster )
I used Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-09 's flower using Essie Blanc aswell then using my nail art brush I painted them China Glaze - In a Lilly Bit 
Once dry I made the extra lines where the flowers were & then made two leaves on each flower using Julep - Lizanne. I used Seche Vite as my top coat and your done! I loved them but couldn't get a proper picture of the finished look :/ 

Happy Polishing ! ❤️πŸ˜˜πŸ’…