Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 1 ; Blobbicure #wnac2015 -- Holo March

Haay beaaauts! 
Today I've got something new & very different from what I normally do .. But I had lots of fun trying it out! 

I recently came across this image (that I will post below) on IG for a monthly themed weekly nail art challenge!? 
This months theme is ; Holo March! #wnac2015 to see all the beautiful designs everyone comes up with!!

Day 1 ; Blobbicure 

When I had first read day 1's challenge I was like what the heck is that!? Ofcourse I had to google it and wow some of them are really cool! 

Mine on the other had .. meeh ..
I know I could have done a better job but I wasn't really feeling the design to begin with, then one or two blobs got connected and I got frustrated and gave up. I'm sure you girls know how that is.
Don't take this post the wrong way though, try it out for yourself first & it might just be for you! Not evey opinion has to be the same nor every style nor pigment of nail polish .. so some may like it, some won't it's just life! 

had tons of fun doing this anyways though because, it was new for me, and maybe in the future I'll be able to create a better one !

Thankyou @wnac_tkc for this crazy fun monthly challenge ! Can't wait for day 2 and more months to come!

                   Happy Polishing !