Thursday, March 5, 2015

warm&toasty chevrons ❤️

Hi my beaaautiful nail friends !
Today I have a chevron manicure nail art to show ya! Ohh how I love my chevrons!

It was honestly probably one of the easiest nails arts I've ever done but for an easy to do manicure it shure doesn't look that way! But not everybody knows about our amazing nail secrets 😏😉 !! Haha today's nail art was inspired by the amazing one & only @audra_dirce on IG!
She originally did hers with a deep purple and gold which was absolutely beautiful!
I decided to go with a lavender & white since I've been praaaaying for spring to finally arrive! It's far to cold in Toronto.

Now onto how I did these beauties! First I applied my base polishes which were, Essie ; Warm & Toasty Turtleneck - Index Nail & Essie ; Blanc - Thumb, Middle, Ring, & Pinky nails. A lot of blanc right? Don't worry once the blanc dried on my middle I placed down one chevron vinyl in the middle of my nail and two on my ring nail semi middle. I painted over top of the vinyls with warm&toasty turtleneck 
And voila ! 

Thankyou @aurdra_dirce for the inspiration! 

              Original Photo & Artist

Happy Polishing !