Friday, April 17, 2015

Quatrefoil Nail Art

Hi everyone! Soo.. your gunna see a few posts from me tonight, because as I said in the previous post their are waay too many social media websites out there to keep up!! 

This nail art was done for @mynailsdid #TGIFNailArtChallenge !! This is Day 10 Challenge #2 for the month of April !

Today's nail art is a Quatrefoil / Moroccan Nail Art using @Lou_It_Yourself Nail Vinyls

As you may see I was so obsessed with Zoya ; Daisy I used it for this nail design as well! It's just such a beautiful yellow!!

I painted every nail except my ring nail 
Zoya ; Daisy -- 2 coats 
Then on my ring nail I painted on 
Zoya ; Lilian -- 2 coats 

Once all nails were completely dry I placed down Lou's Moroccan Nail Viynls on every nail and painted all expect my ring nail Zoya ;  Lilian & Zoya ; Daisy on my ring nail.

I peeled off each nail vinyl immediately using tweezers, waited for it to dry, & then I topped it off with my new love
Glisten & Glow ; HK Girl Top Coat

Happy Polishing!!