Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pixel Heart Nail Art #PixelLoveForSammy

Hi folks! 
So sorry I've been literally MIA for the past two weeks. My manager had to go to another location so I took her place for two weeks man, am I glad that's over! 
It was just a total change in my normal routine, I literally feel lost haha! 

But now I'm finally back to the regular routine I know & somewhat love .. Hehe
&& finally had some time to get some nail art in!!! I was so happy when Shawna -- @MyNailsDid ask me to participate in this amazing nail art collaboration with all our amazing Canadian nail friends for our very loved Samantha -- @Canaildian_Girl's Birthday Yesterday! 

So I had this done since Sunday, but couldn't post it till yesterday 😝 

This is the finished product of Shawnas amazing idea on this collaboration! 

I think it's just absolutely amazing! @MyNailsDid literally out did herself! Honestly the sweetest thing ever! 

Happy Birthday Sammy ! 

This is my Solo Shot for my Pixleated Heart Nail Art for Sammys Birthday Collaboration!! Oh boy this was funn 😁

I started by painting two coats of 
Sally Hansen - Hard Bitten 
Then using Nina Ultra Pro - Cobalt I made a heart on my ring nail then using Sally Hansen - BlackOut, I created little squares all around the heart to create the Pixleated effect and then added a few more onto the other nails to make it more full !

Hope you all enjoyed !!

Happy Polishing ; xos