Friday, June 26, 2015

Freehand Floral Nail Art

Hay everyone! 

So I've been super busy lately and then at the same time been hit with a lot of personal things that haven't had me up to posting about my nails, as you may have noticed from the previous post being empty.. I will try to get back to those soon. 

In the mean time, today's Nail Art of the Day was an Inspired Manicure by the amazing @Squeaknroo -- Melissa <33 on you guessed it .. Instagram !! 

This freehand floral technique I thought would be very difficult to achieve but it was actually quite simple. 
Start by painting a base colour. I chose Drip Drip Nail Paints ; Stairway to Heaven because that's what Melissa had used and I had the polish which I never really used to it just worked out perfectly!

For the freehand roses you will need a green for the leaves, a white for the swirls and two other polishes of your choice! 

Using one of the colours you chose make a blob wherever and however many you'd like. Then using the second colour of your choice make a slightly smallest blob in the middle of the pervious blob. 
For the next step I used a tooth pick  and the white and made little 'swirls' making the rose take affect. Then with your green you can make 1 or 1 leaves on either or the same side of your roses. 

      Credits to Melissa - @Squeaknroo 

I hope you all enjoyed! && thankyou Melissa // @Squeaknroo - IG 

Happy Polishing !!