Friday, May 22, 2015


Okay ladies! So I've been away for a while! Been super busy these past few weeks but am still doing my nails! Just no time to write out my life story's on them! Haha so finally I had time to get around to doing it and I have 4 nails arts to show you all plus this amazing swap I was just apart of! 

On IG some of you may remember in March a few of us Canadians did our first swap which was a total success ! And some of us even got together one day after it to meet each other! Your can read about that in an older post! 

It's been a while since doing all that so April Showers brang May Swappers! Hehe

We just finished this one & once again a total success! Only one girl waiting to get hers but tracking shows it'll be there Monday! Us Canadians just know how to do it / everything right ;) and we even had more girls this time around too! 

Oh girls, it was such a blast! 
Last time I was in the $25 category; this time around I decided to go with $50. Boy am I glad I did! But kind of went crazy cause I wanted to buy so many things! 

This is the Swap Box that I received from Trish -- @purplelicious_lavander on IG

Loved the card she wrote me! It was absolutely beautiful to get to know her!

All the beaaaautiful && yummy goodies she got me! Trish seriously spoiled me you guys! There were more chocolates .. but I ate most of them while I was opening everything up, I couldn't resist! 

First the Burts Bees I seriously needed! So that was my first go to and I put some on right away! && then the Julep Flower Bobby Pins caught my eye next, they are just too cuteee! If your wondering what the blue round things are up by the card well those babys.. Trish was soo kind enough to actually make me homemade mani & pedi bombs herself ! I couldn't believe it, it was soo sweet and they smell soo amazing! I am so thankful for everything that she got me!

Eek can't wait for the next one ladies!

This was the proof we had to show that our swap boxes were actually sent out, with covered postal codes & tracking numbers of course so the girls don't know who got them ;) 

Hope you all enjoyed !

Happy polishing