Thursday, May 7, 2015

Holo Nautical Stripe Nail Art

Hi loves! 
I'm back today with a very easy but super cool looking nail art for yaa!! 

Today's look was Inspired by @eyesonnails on Intagram!

To get this holo nautical goodness look. you will need any white polish of your choice. I used a new one I got from a recent giveaway prize that I won! -you can read about it in my previous post- It's e.l.f ; white && a holo polish of your choice -preferably blue to achieve the nautical look- I went with indie brand @lavishpolish - Blue Raspberries! It's it gorgeous !?!?!? Also! Some striping tape or straight vinyls. I used @lou_it_yourself vinyl guides, & gold circle studs! Mine are from !!

Start by painting two coats of the blue polish onto your pinky, index & thumb nails. While drying paint two coats of the white polish onto your ring & middle finger. Once completely dry, I placed down two vinyls next to each other to get a larger stipe then only one vinyl for the smaller stripes. Paint over them with your blue polish and peel off vinyls right away! 

Using BornPrettyStore Gold Circle Studs I placed 3 on the outer side of my pinky nails, 2 on the outer of my middle, & 3 again on the inner side of index nail. Now your stripes should be completely dry so go ahead and apply your top coat! I used HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat !! 

Hope you all enjoyed! 

Happy Polishing !!