Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Essie Sleek Stick Review

Haaay beaaautifullls! 

So I recently entered a contest held by @pawlished.kait on IG. I randomly saw the post on my feed two days before it ended so I figured why not give it a shot!? But boy oh boy I did not expect to win it!! It was one of those things ya do for the kick of it and I actually one! Plus she's lives super close to me so I got it within a week! Eeeeeek 😍😍 

Look at all these goodies !!!! 

First I decided to try out Essie's Sleek Stick - Stick On Nail Art Designs! I have never tried these before so it was super fun to finally try! 

I absolutely adoreee the floral print in the dark blue over the light blue !

But getting these on were sort of a challenge .. 

The package comes with 18 Strips, so you can choose the right size/ fit for each of your nails -- which was awesome! 

Getting them to lay completely flat onto your nail with out any lumps, was kind of the difficult part. - It was most hard with the bigger nail beds. - So then I used the cuticle pusher that it came with; to sort of smoothen out the bumps & lumps. 

The ' How To ' booklet says to take off the excess sleek stick from your nail - using the file given - file the sleek sticks on a downwards slant. This for me however did not work. I found it worked best jut to trim it down & then file to completely smoothen it to your nail! 

It does not say wether to use a top coat or not, but if you want them to last longer I'd suggest to do so. 

I hope you all enjoyed && don't get discouraged by my review ! Something's that's don't work for me might work perfect for you!

Thanks for reading !

Happy Polishig !