Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pastel Triangle Nail Art

Hay my gorgeouus readers!
Needless to say, as you all ; already know.. I've been falling behind once again! Ugh! Life has just really hit me right now ladies and I'm going through a lot right now with work & personal life. 

This is a Inspired Manicure I have for you all today which was inspired by @nailsartarabia as you will see her original design/ picture in the collage I made below! She was so nice enough to allow me to do twinsieee nails with her c:

Now onto how I did today's inspired nail art design on my middle finger nails..

Using any 4 colours of your choice and a striping brush make four triangles in each colour into your nail as you see I've done above.. Now you might be thinking just like that!? What if it's messy !?
Well ladies, that's what the silver is for! It'll cover your lines connecting each triangle and make it look faaab !!

Check out this collage I made on PicLab 

Happy Polising !