Friday, March 21, 2014

Cuticle Care.. What's your Remedy?

When it comes down to a Mani your cuticles are so important to keep healthy & maintained at all times. The cuticle is a piece of skin that connects to your nails. Its also a protective barrier because the cuticle covers the cells that helps grow your nails. Not caring for them can lead to unhealthy nails & cuticles.

Here's a few tips on Cuticle Care;

1. DO NOT CUT CUTICLES! It is very important that you do not cut or bite your cuticles because it protects your nails. Therefore if you bite them it may result in some infections. Instead of cutting or biting...
2. PUSH your CUTICLES BACK! At times that may be hard so for best results do this when your nails are wet or with cuticle oil to soften.
3. ALWAYS MOISTURIZE. Your hands and nails get very dry very easily so always have a moisterizor on hand. Wether your on the go or at homr keep one in your bag or closr to your bed. Its so easy to do atleast 5 times a day & only takes seconds.

I just ordered Julep's - Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover
I've read some really amazing reviews about this product & just made me want to buy it so bad.
Deff going to give this bad boy a review when it arrives!

These are a few products I use at all times !