Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zoya Limited Edition Trio Blogger Collection Striped Nail Art

Haay ladies so as you know Christmas is soon approaching & work at the mall has been ridiculously crazy! I did these a few days ago but literally had no time to post them 😞 so finally I'm off till Boxing Day 😡 which is gunna be hell! But I'm glad I get some time to my nails cause work has seriously done quite a number on these babies is you haven't noticed 😥 seriously need some tlnc ❤️ 

I wasn't so happy with this mani though.. I loved the thought of the design with the colours but once I started using them I already knew it wasn't going to end well.. The colours are beautiful don't get me wrong & I will use them again but just on their own.. 

They are all VERY thin polishes and had i to do 3 coats for each colour & nail & I can still see my nail tips right rough it! 😡 & the sad thing is I love Zoya I've had absolutely nothing bad to say about their formula I have others that I adore but these not so much.. Maybe that's just the way their supposed to be. Just a 'light polish' 😟 

Happy Polishing 😘❤️💅

Polishes used;
Zoya - Belle
Zoya - Kate 
Zoya - Coraline