Monday, November 3, 2014

🍁 Autumn Tree Nail Art 🍁

November 02, 2014 

🍁 Autumn Trees 🍁
Hi my loveliees ! So I had shown you a swatch of this lovely color yesterday and really wanted to do some fall nail art but didn't want to take the polish off so quickly after I had jus put it on! 
So I was back to the drawring board until this beautiful tree i always see through my living room window had caught my attention, then I knew what to do & still keep this gorgeous Nude Lace on.
So I started out with dotting the stump until I was satisfied, then I started dotting my yellow leaves first, then the orange, than red. Once all color leaves are down you may want to add a few more to even out the colors ( too much yellow not enough red )
So you get the idea !
& if you'd like to give it a bit more of an effect 
Dot some falling leaves off to the side of both trees. 

Polishes used ;
Polish my Life - Nude Lace
Julep - Charlie
Julep - Princess Grace
Sally Hansen - Cherry Red
Sally Hansen - Branch Out