Friday, November 7, 2014

Snow Leopard Nail Art !

November 07th, 2014 

Hi my beaauuts! Today I've got a sorta wintery nail art to show ya!
Its getting awfully cold very quickly here in Toronto but I felt it was waay to early to do a christmasy nail deaign but so cold it feels were already there! There has been a few days were its actually flurrying already! So I thought this was more than sutible. 

First I obviously started out with my base being the white.
Once that was dry, I took my gray brush & dabbed little spots around every nail til I was satisfied. 
Then on a small notepad I put a drop of black polish at a time so I don't waste as so much when it starts to dry.
Then with my nail art brush I dab it into the black polish and sorta create little c's around each gray spot. Some fully circled some only half, whatever suits your preference !
Once your done that step you may find you have too many white spaces, in that case.. Dab your nail art brush into the black again and make dots &/ lines to fill in the extra space.
Top off with your favorite top coat once dry!

Hope you all enjoyed ! 
Happy Polishing !

Polishes used ;
Julep - Bunny (2 coats)
Polish My Life - Merlot Magic 
Sephora by O.P.I - Thyme For a Mani